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Des Plaines Considering Chickens

Board members in Des Plaines will be considering chickens on Monday night, August 7. For more information, and to come out and support the effort, click here and here.

Home to Roost on WGN Radio, 720 AM

I’ve been asked to do a live spot on WGN Radio. Steve Bertrand will be interviewing me at 12:30 PM on Monday, June 6! Stay tuned!

Look for Home to Roost on WGN, 5/25/16, around 9 AM

Tune into WGN tomorrow around 9 for a live interview! Should be a fun morning. Maryann the chicken will be joining me for the spot!

Chicago Tonight Covers Urban Agriculture

Chicago Tonight covered urban ag in this fun piece. They focused on goats and touched on bees and (of course!) chickens!

Groundfire Pictures Covers Chickens and the Chicken Consultant

After talking to Anne Ford about her piece on me in the Chicago Reader, Charlie Simokaitis of Groundfire Pictures contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to allow him and his partner Jason Creps to create a short film segment on my work with chickens.

He wanted to feature exotic chickens, and Steve English and Ryan Steinbach’s ornamental chicken haven in Beverly came to mind. After doing some interviewing and filming at my home (including my international chicken collection!), we moved to Steve and Ryan’s place for the real stars!

The resulting video is a masterpiece! Enjoy the gallery of behind-the-scenes shots, too!

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WGN covers Home to Roost

Here’s the piece from WGN! A fun piece: Chickens in the City: Urban coops growing in popularity

Thanks to producer Pam Grimes and the WGN team for the coverage.

Interested in keeping chickens? Check out my upcoming events and classes.


Thursday, May 15, 2014: Home to Roost and Chicago Chicken Keepers on WGN

On Thurs., May 15, 2014, WGN is slated to run a piece on urban chicken keeping on the 9 PM news. Home to Roost and two of Chicago’s chicken keepers will be featured.

Tune in for this fun story!