The 2019 Event Schedule

Here’s is a list of what’s on the docket to date. If you’re interested in booking a class or presentation, please leave a message below.

May 11: Growin’ Green Garden Market, Glen Ellyn. I’ll do an Informational session and staff a display table.

May 18 and 25: Go Green Days, Oak Park Farmer’s Market, Oak Park, IL. I’ll be available to answer question and talk about chickens at my display table.

June 7–9: Coop Dreams Coop Camp, Indianapolis, IN. Come for a weekend of chicken-related workshops, networking, and fun. DISCOUNT when you register with the code HTR!

June 15–16: Custer Fair, Evanston. Enjoy this family-friendly street fair with fun and diverse vendors. I’ll be at a display table.

July 20: Morton Arboretum. Sign up for my popular basic chicken-keeping / coop building classes. Call 630-968-0074.

Sept. 21: Garfield Park Conservatory Harvest Day. Enjoy this family-friendly event focused on green activities, fall harvest, and our bountiful earth.

Sept. 21 and 22: Windy City Coop and Eco-Yard Tour. View coops in Chicago and suburbs and network with other chicken keepers.

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