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Survey regarding proposed limits on poultry in Cook County

The Sun Times reports that the controversial vote that would limit chicken keeping in unincorporated Cook County has been deferred. 

UPDATE: Please fill out this survey if you live in Cook County, regardless of whether it’s incorporated or unincorporated. 

The Chicagoland chicken keeping community discourages keeping roosters if you live close to other people or in dense residential areas, but we do not recommend a ban on roosters. Also, many urban chicken keepers easily house more than five birds on less than an acre of land.

We encourage the board to take a closer look at what resources and support the Chicago chicken keeping community has established for its members. We have built a solid foundation for information sharing and community support.

We also encourage the board to explore what chicken keeping looks like in an urban or suburban setting, as there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings. The Windy City Coop Tour is an ideal means to investigate this urban ag practice.



Des Plaines Considering Chickens

Board members in Des Plaines will be considering chickens on Monday night, August 7. For more information, and to come out and support the effort, click here and here.

Bartlett Considers Chickens

The latest in the Chicagoland communities to consider backyard poultry! For more, click here.

Terms of Berwyn’s New Chicken-Keeping Ordinance

On March 22, 2016, Berwyn passed a law allowing chicken keeping. You can find the language of the ordinance of page 48 of the minutes: 20160322-CouAgenda-Full-Packet

Breaking News: Berwyn Legalizes Chickens!

This just out from the alliance of Berwyn chicken keepers: Chickens have landed. The ordinance has passed! Congrats to Vince and his group! Interested in joining the group? Check out Chickens in Berwyn on Facebook.

Maybe we need a Svengoolie skit “The Chickens of Berwyn” a la “The Werewolves of Berwyn”?


A blow to urban and suburban agriculture in Michigan

At a special meeting Monday,  the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development removed Right to Farm protection for farm animals raised in neighborhoods with more than 13 homes within 1/8 of a mile of the animals, or with any home within 250 feet of the proposed facility….

The Right to Farm Act was created in 1981 to protect farmers from the complaints of people from the city who moved to the country and then attempted to make it more urban with anti-farming ordinances. These new changes will affect residents of rural Michigan too. Shady Grove Farm in Gwinn, Michigan is on six and a half acres and homes 150 egg-laying hens that provide eggs to a local co-op and a local restaurant. This small Michigan farm also homes sheep for wool and a few turkeys and meat chickens to provide fresh healthy, local poultry.

Read more about this change here and here.


Michigan Deals a Blow to Small-Scale Farmers

It’s hard to believe a basic right such as the ability to grow you own food and choose what you eat would be taken away by the government, but that’s apparently what has happened in Michigan.

Michigan residents lost their “right to farm” this week thanks to a new ruling by the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Where are we headed next?