Survey regarding proposed limits on poultry in Cook County

The Sun Times reports that the controversial vote that would limit chicken keeping in unincorporated Cook County has been deferred. 

UPDATE: Please fill out this survey if you live in Cook County, regardless of whether it’s incorporated or unincorporated. 

The Chicagoland chicken keeping community discourages keeping roosters if you live close to other people or in dense residential areas, but we do not recommend a ban on roosters. Also, many urban chicken keepers easily house more than five birds on less than an acre of land.

We encourage the board to take a closer look at what resources and support the Chicago chicken keeping community has established for its members. We have built a solid foundation for information sharing and community support.

We also encourage the board to explore what chicken keeping looks like in an urban or suburban setting, as there are many misconceptions and misunderstandings. The Windy City Coop Tour is an ideal means to investigate this urban ag practice.



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