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Fun chicken rain and gardening shoes

A tip from one of my clients!

Check out Sloggers’ supercute gardening shoes and rain boots!

Gorgeous Chicken Quilt

I found this lovely chicken quilt online today! It’s stunning. If anyone wants to get me a birthday gift, this would be a good one! Of course, at this price, you’d have to like me a lot!

A Country Journal (The Chicken Quilt)


Planer shavings in Chicago

Contact Jim Kakavas for planer shavings., 773.746.8001 (m)

I have a good supply of planer shavings.  Species vary but they’re all very soft and “fluffy” and from natural, untreated lumber.  An organic poultry farmer in Indiana who’s my customer says his birds love them.

The shavings also work great as mulch in the garden for paths and around plants to prevent weed growth and minimize water evaporation.
I’m selling a 9 cu ft bag of these shavings for $8.20.   That compares to $10.75 for 6 cu ft from a local pet supply house.

Wisdom for Hen Keepers (a project of Home to Roost’s heretofore unsung editorial wing)

I’m tooting my own horn here, but my “other” job – as if chicken consulting weren’t enough of a vocation – is editing, writing, and translating. I got a email a few months back, stating that someone was looking for someone to convert a book by a British writer to American English and practices. The topic: Chicken keeping.

Here is the result, hot off the press: Wisdom for Hen Keepers. I got my smart-looking little comp copies today.

It’s a nice little book, chock-full of chook wisdom. While I can’t take credit for the bulk of the content (I’ll leave that to Chris Graham), it was a fun little project that I’m proud to have had a hand in!


Feeders and Spillage

Chickens are messy eaters. Food on the ground, dirt in the feeder, food in the water, bedding in the feeder, poop in the feeder… and then opportunists like mice, rats, and wild birds may come calling, bringing diseases along with them. Not to mention the wasted food.

What’s a good solution?

If you’re having trouble with food spillage, you can place the feeders on bricks or cinderblocks so they are about at the height of the hens’ backs. This forces the birds to eat up high, and prevents them from scratching the feed out with the feet, or “beaking out” the feed with their beaks. In the image below, the waterers have been blocked up off the floor. The same can be done with feeders. Feeders can also hang from the ceiling to keep them at an appropriate height off the floor.


A second solution is to place the feeders in the coop. This will make it more difficult for visitors to find the food, especially if they are nocturnal visitors who come around to a closed-up coop.


A third option is to switch from mash, which is finely ground and messy, to pellets, which are easily snatched up one at a time by the hens. The down side of pellets is that some nutrition is lost in the processing.

Another option is to purchase a specialized feeder that opens only when a certain weight hits the trip pedal. One of my clients is delighted with the Grandpa’s Feeder she purchased. While it was expensive, she says it was well worth it.



Chicks coming to Belmont Feed and Seed

From Lidia at Belmont Feed and Seed:

We are totally sold out on our last hatch of chicks, so we have new ones coming in the week of Feb. 25.

They are being shipped on Tuesday, so we estimate to get them at the latest on Thursday. 
Please come in to pick up yours as soon as possible. 
– Rhode Island Reds
– Barred (Plymouth) Rocks
– Araucana / Ameraucanas
– Buff Orpingtons
– Black Australorps
– Red Stars (Isa Browns)
– Amber Sex Links
– Silver Laced Wyandottes
– Golden Laced Wyandottes
Please call for arrival updates at 773-588-1144

Chicks at Belmont Feed and Seed, Feb. 5 or 6

Lidia at Belmont Feed and Seed will have chicks the beginning of next week.

Just an update on our chick shipment:
Our first hatch of chicks are to come in the first week of February. They will be shipped on February 4th, due to arrive on the 5th or the 6th of February.

We have: Araucana/Americauna, Rhode Island Reds, New Hampshire Reds, Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Black Austrolorps, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Golden Laced Wyandottes, Isa Browns (Red Stars), all Pullets and all vaccinated for Mareks. All supplies are in. Plan to come in and make your selection.

All supplies are in.

Plan to come in and make your selection.

For more information on Belmont Feed and Seed, see the Resources tab.