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Karl the Guinea Fowl Gets His Very Own Folk Song

A Guinea fowl showed up in Evanston, IL, in May 2014. The bird was initially in poor health, and to the delight of the neighbors, regained his strength. He became something of a neighborhood pet. As winter neared, the neighbors decided to capture the bird and rehome him on a farm in central Illinois. Folksong writer Kristin Lems produced a tribute for Karl. Read more about Karl and his special song!

Geico Free-Range Chicken Commercial

Most hens aren’t quite this adventurous… This one has a case of wanderlust!


Faroese Chickens Respond to the Eclipse

This clip is super cute!

Notice how one of the roosters shepherds everyone in, another is the last in, and a roo is the first one out.



Amazing video on development of a chick embryo

This is a great animation that shows the stages of development of a baby chick, day by day. Enjoy!

Tinsel the Bear Chooses Plucky Denmates

Apparently humans aren’t the only chicken fanciers. A baby bear was recently found hiding out in a chicken coop in British Columbia. For more information, check out the link!

David Letterman’s Top Ten Signs You Have A Special Chicken

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10. Lays eggs and bacon
9. Clucks in five languages
8. Holds a bachelor’s degree in hotel management
7. Struck down law defining marriage as between a rooster and a hen
6. Knew when to invest in Apple and when to get the hell out
5. Comes with soup, salad, and choice of potato (No, I’m sorry, that’s a sign you’re having the chicken special)
4. The chicken is on the short list to replace Alex Trebek
3. Can scientifically prove the egg came first
2. Regularly lays ping pong balls with winning lotto numbers
1. Is only member of its family not currently a McNugget

The Ubiquitous Chicken: A Quick History Lesson

You want chicken? You got it – 10,000 years of chicken history, that is! An entertaining read about the ubiquitous chicken: from red jungle fowl in southeast Asia to KFC in China, and everywhere in between.

French Village Doles Out Chickens to Cut Down on Waste

Those crazy Europeans! The French village of Pince has proposed giving villagers chickens with the aim of reducing waste by 330 lb per bird per year. Read more here!


Madison Woman Finds Homes for Chickens

As chickens gain popularity, there is more demand for animal-loving souls who can connect homeless birds with caring owners. Read about Liz Perry, a Madison, WI, woman who connects hens with their peeps… er, people.

As always, Home to Roost encourages responsible pet ownership and consideration for the welfare the animals – including before you make the purchase. We prefer fewer homeless birds!

As an aside… Light pollution featured in new movie

The Gene Siskel Film Center (164 N. State) will air the movie – “The City Dark”  February 4, 8, 9. This movie features light reduction and my bird rescue work with Chicago Bird Collision Monitors.

THE CITY DARK is a feature documentary about light pollution and the disappearing night sky. It premiered in competition at the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival, where it won the Jury Prize for Best Score/Music. After moving to light-polluted New York City from rural Maine, filmmaker Ian Cheney asks: “Do we need the dark?” Exploring the threat of killer asteroids in Hawai’i, tracking hatching turtles along the Florida coast, and rescuing injured birds on Chicago streets, Cheney unravels the myriad implications of a globe glittering with lights—including increased breast cancer rates from exposure to light at night, and a generation of kids without a glimpse of the universe above. Featuring stunning astrophotography and a cast of eclectic scientists, philosophers, historians, and lighting designers, THE CITY DARK is the definitive story of light pollution and the disappearing stars.

View the trailer here!