WGN covers Home to Roost

Here’s the piece from WGN! A fun piece: Chickens in the City: Urban coops growing in popularity

Thanks to producer Pam Grimes and the WGN team for the coverage.

Interested in keeping chickens? Check out my upcoming events and classes.


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  1. Posted by James Pirovano on May 16, 2014 at 11:09 am

    Hi Jenn,

    Nice to see you and the story on WGN last night.  I’ve been following Home to Roost for quite awhile, even though I don’t yet have hens… but I’m getting closer.  I live in unincorporated cook county and believe unincorporated cook county allows, (or doesn’t prohibit), 3 hens (or animals) per household.  Hoping you might know if that is correct as regs are hard to confirm.

    Mailing address is Elgin – currently doesn’t allow hens, (but sounds like that may change this summer to allowing them), but hoping unincorporated regs would supersede. 

    Also wondering if you would make a visit out that far from the city as we get started, when we get started, and what you charge for consulting fees?

      Would appreciate any suggestions on where to find coop designs too.


    Jim Pirovano j_pirovano@yahoo.com 630.306.1361


    • Hi, Jim –
      Thanks for your interest! Yes, I’ve gone as far out as Barrington. A mileage fee applies. I’ll respond to your questions offline. You can check out my Resources tab and Services tabs, too.


  2. Posted by Daniel Stone on May 16, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    It was a great feature story. Congratulations. Hoping for your continued success.


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