The Forgotten History of Chickens — Fascinating Facts from The History Guy



A client told us about this fascinating video, that goes all the way back to the dawn of chicken domestication to describe what happened when chickens first threw in their lot with humanity. As it turns out, this humble bird has had a huge influence on language, biology and human history!

According to the History Guy, AKA Lance Geiger, chickens were domesticated in ancient times, not for food or eggs, but for another reason. Can you guess what it might be?

Did you know that the chicken is the most numerous bird species on Earth? Guess how many of them there were in 2016. Hint: enough for every man, woman and child on Earth to have more than one. So if you raise chickens, you are in good company!

More astounding statistics from this video: In 2015, Americans ate an average of 92 pounds of chicken per person! In fact, if we as a nation eat any more chicken, we might begin to cluck. :^)

The History Guy goes on to give the history behind various chicken-related words and sayings: cockpit, cock of the walk, and cock-and-bull story, to name just a few. Fun stuff, and a great way to learn about the chicken’s crucial role in the development of language, biology and human history!

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