Support Chickens in Oswego, IL

Oswego chicken ordinance vote is coming up tonight, Tuesday, May 2, at 6pm in Village Hall. If you would like to have backyard chickens in the Oswego area, show your support at the Village Hall on Tuesday.

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  1. The village is continuing the vote on 5//16/17. Some members are bringing up the typical “concerns” and one homeowner’s association seems to want to ruin it for the whole town. We have to provide more information to the board. One woman compared having chickens to owning cougars. As you can see, you deal with some lunacy when trying to get things passed.


    • Hi, Tamie – Thanks for the update, and I’m sorry to hear about that. They really aren’t that bad! A lot of folks don’t really know what to expect, so there are a lot of fears and misconceptions that are unfounded. Have you seen the various articles, etc., on the Resources for Legalizing Chickens tab on my blog? You might consider connecting your trustees with some urban or suburban chicken keepers so they can see what it’s like. Let me know if you’re interested in that option. I’ve also acted as an expert witness at board meetings, if you’re interested.


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