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Farmer Fulfills Chicken’s Dream of Flying

This is lovely! Only in Switzerland…


Baby button quail

My little hen Chiclet just hatched 7 babies, with 2 eggs to go! Here are a few pictures. It’s been fun to watch the process! These little guys are so tiny; it’s hard to believe they have a circulatory system!

Papa Hummus is being very helpful, sitting on eggs and chicks as needed. Cagemate and co-mom Henlet is helping out as needed, too.

Enjoy the pictures.

Earthfest and Chicken-Keeping Classes

Come out for these events!

Earthfest 2017, April 22 from 10 am to 2 pm at the Public Works Building in Oak Park! Family friendly fun!

Sign up NOW for my chicken-keeping classes at the Chicago Botanic Garden on May 6! Enrollment is open through May 1.

Ohio Considers Making Small-Scale Agriculture Easier

House Bill 175 in Ohio sets a limit to how many “small livestock” a homeowner may have. The bill proposes limits based on lot size and kind of animal. This will make it easier for people to keep animals that are traditionally kept for food purposes, including chickens, rabbits, and goats. For more, click here. 

What a Chicken Consultant Does

When I tell people I’m a chicken consultant, I get anything from scoffing, to a bemused grin, to incredulity, to curiosity. The next question is “What is that?” I usually tell people that I help people in the city raise chickens.

What does that involve? Largely, if it involves chickens, I’ll do it! Here’s a list of chicken-related things I do:

  • House calls to talk about chicken-keeping in general, to check on the flock’s health or behavior, or to give advice on a sick bird
  • Phone consultations for the same reasons as above
  • Necropsies to determine cause of death for a chicken
  • Classes on chicken keeping, coop building, winter care, summer care, and health
  • Presentations for schools, gardening groups, offices, event, and libraries
  • Chicken wrangling for movies and photo shoots
  • Consulting for organizations that want to install a chicken-keeping program
  • Community events at fairs, bookstores, community centers, and other locations
  • Expert witness at village meetings where chickens are under consideration
  • Ordinance review for communities that have legalized chickens
  • Network to connect people who can help each other
  • Learn as much about chickens as I can, attending veterinary talks and shadowing avian vets, reading, conducting online research, etc.

If you have any questions about what I do, feel free to contact me.

Chicken Shoes!

Check out the latest in chicken fashion accessories!  chicken shoesI call them my “Chick” Taylors! I was given a pair of these fun shoes for my birthday. They’re pretty comfortable and true to size. Also a great conversation piece. Enjoy!

Video on Chick Development

Check out this nteresting video on chick development from egg to hatch date!