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Berywn Chicken T-shirt?

For all you Berwyn lifetimers who also like chickens, check out this Svengoolie “It came from Berwyn” chicken T-shirt. 

Good Food Festival, March 24-26, 2016

Come join local food vendors, growers, and enthusiasts this weekend at the UIC Forum to learn more about good food! Sample local organic fare, find a new recipe, or discover a local vendor that sells exactly what you’ve been looking for. Explore the different educational tracks that help you grow, raise, and can your own food. Home to Roost will be presenting, as will folks who raise ducks, goats, and quail. For more information, visit the festival website. 

Terms of Berwyn’s New Chicken-Keeping Ordinance

On March 22, 2016, Berwyn passed a law allowing chicken keeping. You can find the language of the ordinance of page 48 of the minutes: 20160322-CouAgenda-Full-Packet

Breaking News: Berwyn Legalizes Chickens!

This just out from the alliance of Berwyn chicken keepers: Chickens have landed. The ordinance has passed! Congrats to Vince and his group! Interested in joining the group? Check out Chickens in Berwyn on Facebook.

Maybe we need a Svengoolie skit “The Chickens of Berwyn” a la “The Werewolves of Berwyn”?


Riverside and Berwyn, IL, working towards backyard chickens

The town of Riverside, IL, is currently discussing legalizing chickens, as is Berwyn, IL. If you’re interested in connecting with the chicken movers and shakers in either town, post a comment below, and I’ll connect you.