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Therapy Chickens for Older Adults

Niche biz opportunity! A group in Australia is experimenting with therapy chickens in elder care homes. Check out this sweet video. 

Bantams for Adoption

The following came in from last week. The contact is Debra.

I need to rehome my dutch bantam chicken and rooster asap. I have hand
raised them since they were baby chicks. They are “indoor” pets. They
are trained like a dog to go outside and come in with a clicker.
Although, the rooster isn’t as responsive with the clicker, once she comes
in, he follows her. They are really sweet, but my son has developed
serious asthma and allergies. Even though I clean their cage weekly, they
can no longer stay inside my house. They have not been acclimated to
other chickens and have not acclimated to outside weather.
I hope you can help! If you are looking for sweet little pets, please
email me at They need to stay together as a pair.
I can deliver them or you can pick them up in Skokie.

Some of the happiest commercial egg layers you’ll ever see

This video from Otaika Valley, New Zealand, has quite possibly some of the happiest commercial layers you’ll ever see. A very happy video! Brings a tear to my eye!