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Bantams for Adoption

The following came in from last week. The contact is Debra.

I need to rehome my dutch bantam chicken and rooster asap. I have hand
raised them since they were baby chicks. They are “indoor” pets. They
are trained like a dog to go outside and come in with a clicker.
Although, the rooster isn’t as responsive with the clicker, once she comes
in, he follows her. They are really sweet, but my son has developed
serious asthma and allergies. Even though I clean their cage weekly, they
can no longer stay inside my house. They have not been acclimated to
other chickens and have not acclimated to outside weather.
I hope you can help! If you are looking for sweet little pets, please
email me at They need to stay together as a pair.
I can deliver them or you can pick them up in Skokie.