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Chicken Rentals

So maybe you like the idea of chickens, but are not sure this is something you’d like to commit to long term.

You can now rent chickens for a taste of chicken keeping. Check out Urban Chicken Rentals on Facebook. George Beutel, who was a fellow presenter a few weeks ago, is also providing rental hens through Tri-Country Stockdale.

Chicken-Keeping Class, Rebuilding Exchange

Join Home to Roost at the Rebuilding Exchange to learn more about keeping chickens, April 30 and May 15. This two-class package features 1) basic chicken keeping and 2) winter and summer care. Sign up today and learn how to keep your birds happy and healthy!


Dog Trainers with Chicken Experience

Wondering how your four-legged friend will handle having two-legged, feather friends? Meet Ian and Kristy Dilworth, owners of Smart Dogs. They recently called me out on a chicken consultation and invited me to see their dog training and lodging facilities. They have worked with clients who have chickens and were interested when I mentioned that many of my clients ask about chickens and dogs. If you’re interested in boarding or training, give them a call!

Ideas for Class Topics

Are there any burning questions about chickens you’d like to have answered? What practical advice would you appreciate? What aspects of chicken keeping are still challenging?

I’m working on pulling together a new class on chicken keeping, and I’d like your input!
Write me a message below with your ideas. Thanks very much!

Earthfest 2016 is this weekend!

Come out for Earthfest 2016 in Oak Park, this Saturday, April 21 from 10 am to 2 pm at the Oak Park Public Works facility.

Join us for kids’ activities, food trucks, a recycling event, and more! For more information, click here. 

Chicken-Keeping Class at the Oak Park Conservatory

Sign up now for basic chicken-keeping at the Oak Park Conservatory!

Raising Chickens

Sunday April 10, 2016

02:00 PM – 04:00 PM
Oak Park Conservatory
615 Garfield St. Oak Park, IL 60304

Home to Roost founder, Jennifer Murtoff returns to share her extensive experience with raising chickens in Oak Park. What do they require, what are the regulations in Oak Park, what happens when they stop laying eggs – all these topics and much more are covered during this two-hour presentation. This workshop is intended for the beginner who has never raised chickens or who has had minimal experience.