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Help out with Bioneers 2013

A message from The Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago Core Planning Team

The 2nd annual Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago Event will take place November 1-3, 2013 at Roosevelt University, along Chicago’s historic lakefront!  There are over 20 Bioneers satellite sites in the nation, and we are proud to be part of a larger group that brings messages of hope and change to our communities.


January – time for hibernation, but far from inactive: roots grow, animals dream, and Bioneers plan.  Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago is still young and growing in Chicago, but we are already busy planning our 2013 gathering, and we invite you to lend your hands, hearts and minds to help spread the word and the movement.

We are currently populating our core planning committees, and would love for you to join us! The shorter days and colder weather provide fertile ground for dreaming and re-imagining our neighborhoods, our city and our planet.

Please read the committee descriptions below, and contact us if you would like to get involved at this early stage.

Outreach Committee: Help get the word out! Work with the Outreach Committee to decide on and prioritize target audiences; develop a plan to reach these audiences; and to oversee and direct the materialization of the plan (materials and events).  The Outreach Committee also works with the Marketing Committee to coordinate marketing materials.  To get involved, contact

Marketing Committee: What is the face of Bioneers in Chicago?  Help us develop support materials and coordinate the preparation of communication tools such as our fundraising package, newsletter, press releases, PSA’s, ads, postcards, social media content, and the program guide.  If interested, contact

Fundraising Committee:  Help us offer reasonable registration fees by soliciting gifts from major donors, attracting individual and in-kind donations, and running our online fundraising campaigns. Please to get involved.

Program Committee: Be on the team that creates the program for 2013! Contact presenters, review proposals, plan events leading up to November, and help ensure that we are providing the highest quality, most inspirational program possible.  If interested, email

Logistics Committee: Liaise with our host university and other committees to ensure all details run smoothly during the gathering; ensure tech support is available for presenters; and arrange lodging and transportation for out-of-town guests. Contact

Food Committee: What’s on the menu?  From where is it sourced?  Have we accommodated food restrictions of our attendees?  What kind of packaging are we using? Is the food delicious??  If these questions are important to you, contact

Volunteer Committee: Looking for energized and committed individuals interested creating an even better second year!  We are looking to fill several positions, described below.  If any of them sound like your thing, contact

  • Assistant Volunteer Coordinator –  Are you good at recognizing people’s strengths and delegating tasks? Work with the Volunteer Coordinator and develop a seamless all volunteer-based event!
  • Green Team Coordinator – Green it! Mean it! Do you like making a difference? Work with GLBC and the venue to develop and implement the event’s garbage/recycling service etc.
  • Workshops Coordinator –  GLBC offers one of the largest array of quality speakers, workshops and activities possible. Work with GBLC to further its vision by helping to create at atmosphere that inspires solutions guided by nature for people and the planet.
  • Main Stage Coordinator – Help set the stage! Work with GLBC to make this another world class event!

Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago is a local, self-organized National Bioneers Affiliate Partner.  To learn more visit: