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8 February, 2013: Mad City Chickens Screening in Palatine

Come to a screening of Mad City Chickens on Friday, Feb. 8th, at 7pm at the Countryside UU Church in Palatine. For more information on the group’s activities, check out their Facebook page at Village Homesteaders of Palatine.

Witness if you will Gallus Domesticus…the backyard chicken. A mere few pounds of feather, bone, and muscle; a creature regarded by many as a rather humorous, though not so intelligent agent of food production. And yet make note of a most singular phenomenon now taking shape across suburb and city. From backyard eggs to the family’s new favorite pet, the urban chicken is forging a fresh place in the pecking order of human importance. Mad City Chickens weaves multiple stories and contextual issues on city chickens and their keepers in a non-linear fashion that one rarely sees in a documentary. From leading experts to urban newbies, experience the humor and heart of what’s fast becoming an international backyard chicken movement. (

Academy for Global Citizenship Institutes Net-Positive Campus

One of the first chicken consulting calls I had was from Dan Schnitzer at the Academy for Global Citizenship. The school is opening an innovative net-positive campus with a number of sustainable initiatives.

These building projects are the harbingers of the movement to create a future where solar panels on office buildings and schoolyard chickens are the norm.

Rescheduled – Home to Roost on FoxNews Chicago

The TV spot on Fox has been moved to Weds., Feb. 6, between 7:30 and 10 AM, due to George Ryan’s release from prison. See you then!

Canton, NY, considers chickens

A legal clause prohibits people in Canton, NY, from raising chickens. But the townspeople are interested in changing that. For more on this story, check out this article.


Mike Krauser’s Made in Chicago Story

Home to Roost was recently featured on Made in Chicago! Here is a link to the page with the audio clip.


30 January, 2013: Home to Roost on FoxNews Chicago

Home to Roost is scheduled to appear on FoxNews on Weds., January 30, 2013, between 7:30 and 10:00 AM. Stay tuned! We’ll be doing a visit to a Chicagoland coop!

Arlington Heights Nixes Chickens Again

At a board of trustees meeting on February 22, 2013, Arlington Heights again rejected backyard hens. Mary Green, Matt Scallon, and a contingent of chicken supporters, including Home to Roost, showed up for the meeting and made a valiant effort, but to no avail.

Mary’s letter follows:

Dear Backyard Chicken Supporters,
Thank you all for your words of encouragement, and a special shout out to those who attended and spoke at tonight’s meeting!

The Arlington Heights Village Board voted to deny both my and Matt’s variance requests.

We were given our (brief) time to speak, but it was clear from the onset that some of the Trustees were offended by the fact that the issue was even being brought up again (Matt went before them in Feb. 2012). Some of them believed that the 7-2 vote at last year’s meeting indicated that the Board was voting against having chickens altogether. Period.
In fact, they hadn’t changed the language of the ordinance and that enabled us to bring our petitions up this time. There was a valiant effort by one Trustee to discuss how to define a “customary” pet, but overall their minds were made up.

I see the experience as successful in that we energized the discussion and had an opportunity to educate people about the benefits and misconceptions of backyard chickens.

Historically, many proposals brought before the Board in the past have been met with strong opposition (including paved roads and a sewer system). A movement like ours won’t go away, we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing and change will come.


Palatine Votes Yes to Hens

Palatine has given its stamp of approval to hens.

The Palatine Village Council voted 4-2 in favor of allowing petitioner Steven Brosio to house six hens in a chicken coop on his 1.8 acres of property.

For more information, check out this article.

Chicken Digestion 101

Did you ever wonder how your chicken “chews” food without teeth, or what the path is that food follows through the body? Check out this helpful post on chicken digestion.


Reminder: Arlington Heights Chicken Meeting TONIGHT, 22 Jan., 2013

Join Mary Green and Matt Scallon on Tues., January 22nd at 8pm as they go before the Village Board of Trustees to request permission to keep backyard chickens.

They need as many supporters as possible to attend the meeting on the 3rd floor of Village Hall (33 S. Arlington Heights Road). Matt and Mary will both be speaking, and it would be great if a few residents could also speak in support of allowing backyard chickens in Arlington Heights. You can sign up that night before the meeting starts.

If you’re not inclined toward public speaking, you can write a short message in support of their efforts. Contact Mary ( for a list of the benefits and misconceptions around backyard chickens you can use in your letter.