Chicken-Keeping Class 9/24/2011 at Elgin Community College

Home to Roost will be leading a chicken-keeping class at Elgin Community College on Sept. 24. Information from the course catalog is listed below. Call 847-622-3036 to register.

CEs 111 Raising Chickens in a Suburban Setting
Jennifer Murtoff is a farmer’s granddaughter who raised her own fowl in Pennsylvania. Today, she is a consultant for urban and suburban flocks in Chicagoland. She leads workshops on backyard chickens and gives presentations for groups and schools interested in raising their own flocks. The trend to provide your own nutritious food has led many communities to change ordinances concerning backyard fowl. Come and learn the basics about local laws, coop construction, health issues plus chick and adult chicken care. Jennifer provides concise information that can help you decide if raising backyard chickens in a suburban setting is for you.
300 80725 SA  10AM-12PM  9/24  ATC-235  Murtoff  $35

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