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Join the Brookfield, IL, Fight to Keep Chickens – meeting Aug. 8, 2011

From a Brookfield citizen:

Hello all – Here in Brookfield we are fighting this very issue (please read up on the issue at The ordinances were vague and did not specifically outlaw chickens, but now the village council wants to ban them outright without a healthy dialogue with residents. If you’re in the neighborhood, please come to our village meeting tonight (Aug 8th 2011 at 6:30pm)! We can use your support!

The board is voting on whether or not to add chickens to the list of prohibited animals in the city.  The meeting is this Monday (8 Aug) at 6:30pm at the village hall located at 8820 Brookfield Ave in Brookfield.

If you live anywhere near Brookfield please come out to support the effort to convince the board not to pass this measure and to create an ordinance to allow egg laying hens.  The BNSF Metra stops about 300′ from the village hall and the 331 route from Pace stops outside the building.

If you can not attend the meeting, please call or email the village trustees to share your thoughts:
o Michael J. Garvey, Village President 708-485-1400
o Keith Sbiral  Asst. Village Manager  708.485.1115
o Cathy Colgrass-Edwards, Village Trustee  708-387-0437
o Kit P. Ketchmark, Village Trustee  708-485-5296
o C.P. Hall, Village Trustee  708-485-2847
o Brian S. Oberhauser, Village Trustee  708-485-4636
o Ryan P. Evans, Village Trustee  708-357-3276;
o Michael A. Towner, Village Trustee  708-485-3921 email: