The Urban Chicken Consultant Recommends… the Chicken Ark

If you’re getting backyard birds this year, consider the Catawba Coop Chicken Ark. Several of my clients have these, and they are a nice set up for your backyard hens!

This coop features a roomy bottom for free-ranging fun and a secure upper section with pull-up ramp for nighttime safety. Roosts are included in the top section, and there are nest boxes on either end. Suitable for 2 to 3 hens. The coop can be picked up and moved around the yard.

Consider running hardware cloth (a heavy gauge wire mesh) down from the sides and under the ground, across the bottom, to keep rodents from digging up into the coop. (However, if you do this, you will lose the mobility.)

NOTE: ALWAYS let the ramp down in the morning during the summer. Otherwise you will roast your hens – literally – and heatstroke is not a pretty death. 

Assembly required! For those of you who are not handy with lumber, hammer, and nails, you’ll need a hand (and a few extra thumbs!)!

Wilkes’ Chicken Ark in Oak Park
Caughan’s Chicken Ark in Oak Park


What kind of coop do you have or recommend? Please post below!

4 responses to this post.

  1. cool stuff, what if you have 7 or 8 chickens


    • Get 2 chickens arks! No, seriously, then I’d go with a larger coop that has a little more room. You can construct your own or purchase kits. There are several good books with coop designs, including Chicken Coops, by Judy Pangman, published by Storey.


  2. I do not like the ark. It’s dark and small for even two chickens. In the winter when your hens are cold and spending more time indoors, they will really appreciate some natural light. Chickens don’t move around in the dark and would find this dark and cramped ark a prison in the long cold winter months.


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