Home to Roost Makes the Paper!

Home to Roost is taking the press by storm! Ok, well, at least the Oak Park press. The Wednesday Journal decided that urban chickens was something to cluck about and featured two hot chicks and me (oh, wait, that would be THREE hot chicks – but I don’t need a heat lamp!) in this week’s edition.

A few months ago, Oak Parker Bruce Caughran asked Alcuin Middle School students to build a chicken ark for him. The students completed the project, and Bruce approached me to purchase the supplies and chicks (my Busy Biddies Add-On Service!) and provide my New Babies Consultation to teach him and his daughter about chicks. He set up the completed ark (very nice, I might add!) in his yard and invited the students who built it to come, as well as reporter Terry Dean.

You can read more details about the event here and a little bit of random chicken trivia here!

Home to Roost’s own press crew covered the event, but they have been running around like chickens… oh, wait. Bad metaphor. Let’s just say they’ve been busy. I’m hoping to post my own coverage soon!

One response to this post.

  1. Jen,

    This is so cool…way better than my coverage in Chicago Magazine! LOL. Not that we’re in competition or anything. Seriously, it was a wonderful piece. Way to go “Chicken Woman!”


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