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Chicken-related Word for the Day

† oologize, v.
Forms:  18 oologize,   18 oölogize.
Etymology: <  oology n. + -ize suffix.

N.E.D. (1903) gives the pronunciation as (oˌǫ·lŏdʒəiz) /əʊˈɒlədʒaɪz/.
 Obs. rare.

 1.  trans.To take the eggs from (a bird’s nest).

1870  J. R. Lowell My Study Windows I. 21 The children of a man employed about the place oologized the nest.
 2.  intr.To collect birds’ eggs.

1870  J. R. Lowell My Study Windows I. 22 The red squirrel, I think‥oölogizes, I know he eats cherries.