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Advice for Female Entrepreneurs in a Tough Economic Climate

So you’re a woman with a great business idea, but the economy is slowly recovering. Now can’t be a good time to start a business. Right? Wrong!

Anytime is a good time to pursue a passion or a dream!

If you have an exciting idea for a new niche market (like urban chicken consulting), set things in motion. Follow your passion. Go down rabbit trails. Talk to people. Get a buzz going about your idea.

From my experience this spring, it pays to follow your interests and passions. As I mentioned on WCIU this morning, initially I didn’t take urban chicken consulting seriously. But talking to some friends led me to give it a try. Here is some practical advice:

1) Get a presence on the web. WordPress blogs are a free and easy way to get a web presence.

2) Put together a presentation/workshop/class. Market this, or do it for free, to get the buzz going.

3) Have a gimmick. My chicken purse gets attention and gives me a natural way to talk about what I do.

4) Network, network, network. Print business cards and hand them out. Talk to friends, family, coworkers, people on the L, in elevators…

5) Offer freebies or give-aways. Let people sample your product or idea. Give them a chance to try it! They’ll love it!

6) Find a niche. Do you have something unusual and unique to offer? Wrap it up and starting marketing it, and then see what happens!

As Jeanne and Melissa mentioned this morning on the U, there are also workshops to attend, such as the Entrepreneurial Woman’s Conference, tomorrow, 9/22/2010, at McCormick Place.

You go, girl!