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Angelic Organics Summer and Fall classes

Angelic Organics Learning Center supports the urban agriculture crowd, and summer is the time to plan your visit to Angelic Organics Learning Center! Download the new summer/fall workshop calendar, featuring opportunities to explore food and farming for all ages.

The new line-up of classes includes the following:

  • More of their popular classes on raising goats and chickens, and a new class on applying Biodynamic principles and practices in your yard at home.
  • Food preservation, winemaking, cheesemaking (including a 1 day class which combines cheesemaking with earth oven bread baking), pizza making, plus a new class all about apples in September.
  • Family camping opportunities at the farm, including Father’s Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, and a five day program at the beginning of August.
  • Even more day camps (filling quickly!), including an option for middle schoolers and a shorter animal camp for younger children
  • Even more family programming, with extra ice cream and farm animal days throughout the summer.

Mike Nowak Talks Chickens

Mike Nowak, Chicago’s premiere urban gardening radio host, has picked up the chicken trend here in Chicago. His November 14, 2010, radio show featured Martha Boyd with Angelic Organics Learning Center.

Mike thinks chickens are funny – well, a friend told me that any word with a “k” in it sounds funny – so when I tell folks I’m an urban chicken consultant, to prevent myself from chuckling, I just remember that words with a “k” in them sound funny!

Check out Mike’s web page for the urban chicken links and the podcast! If you want to skip to the urban chicken bit, it begins at around 1:42.

Serama rooster

Serama rooster