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Ald. Lopez, no friend of fowl, running for Chicago mayor

In 2019, Alderman Raymond Lopez proposed an ordinance severely limiting backyard chickens and livestock in the city. He is now running for mayor. Consider this as you go to the polls in 2023. (

Although groups with interests in chickens and urban ag reached out to Ald. Lopez in 2019, he and Ald. Napolitano crafted a proposed ordinance without input from the large number of people in the city who own chickens and other animals traditionally classified as livestock. 

The 2019 ordinance proposed limiting chickens, goats, and other traditional farm animals in the city and charged licensing fees per animal. Martha Boyd from Angelic Organics Learning Center and I, along with others from the urban ag community successfully pushed back, and the ordinance did not pass. Currently there are no regulations in place. 

Here is coverage on the 2019 ordinance: