Chicken keeping, up close and personal with Cluck Nut the chicken

A lot of people turned out at the Lemont Public Library last night to hear me talk about chicken keeping. I was ably assisted by Cluck Nut the chicken, who was a very good sport! She is a client’s chicken I borrowed for the occasion.

It was great to present a live chicken-keeping class for the first time in over a year. Among other topics, I talked about chicken breeds, chicken coops, chicken feed, and how a chicken purse led me to my improbable career as an urban chicken consultant.

A great time was had by all — even the chicken. I invited participants to feel her crop, where all the food goes when she swallows. Filled with grain, It feels a lot like a hackysack! Have you ever seen a chicken’s ears? On Cluck Nut, they are small but unmistakable. While I talked, Cluck Nut roamed the table next to me, getting to know the people lucky enough to sit up front. In-person classes are so much fun!

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