REHOMED! Hens looking for home

Update: Kim has a home for the chickens!

Contact Kim: 773-746-2285, kimambriz AT

Someone dumped three hens in the backyard of my client Kim in Avondale (Chicago).

Someone dumped three hens in my yard today and they need a home. I already have three girls and we don’t have the space to add three more. They are very sweet, ate from my hand, seem healthy, easy to herd into a chicken tractor, etc. I have no idea how old they are. 
Why would someone do that??!!
Kim (in Avondale)

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  1. Posted by Diana L Rogers on November 14, 2021 at 1:01 am

    Those 3 hens that got dropped off were proberly colored chicks and now cuteness gone i live in sc already told other woman i would takenher 3 i will take those too was planning on ordering some a few bantams and some turkeys they are fun to watch thought i would take them to fairs especially those ugly turkens it makes u want to knit them a scarf for their neck


    • Hi, Diana – I’m not sure if they were colored or not – I think it’s illegal to dye them in IL! I like turkeys! Regarding turkens, I always feel sad for them! LOL


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