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Chicken Art gifts for the holidays!

We are fortunate to have discovered some amazing artists who make the chicken their subject. Like many chicken keepers I could mention, these artists’ love for chickens apparently has no bounds, as is evident in their marvelous creations:

Folk Art Chicken Footstools

A small Missouri company makes these gorgeous footstools using traditional fiber art techniques–dyeing, felting, spinning, and knitting. This is Little Nancy P., and her feathers are fashioned with hand-spun 100% Merino wool. Made by The City Girl Farm, these chicken footstools may be on the higher end pricewise, but they elevate the humble footstool into a work of art. And their heads even bob! In fact, if I had one of these I would never put my feet on it.

The Rainbow Rooster

The Rainbow Rooster features “Prismatic Chicks Bearing Special Gifts Just for You,” painted by artist Alicia Zenobia. And what gifts they are: birds with marvelous plumage, each feather painted with care. Each of her paintings holds a special energy; see which one resonates with you!

Chicken Portraits by Photographer Liz McCrory

Photographer Liz McCrory of Kosmic Studio has embarked on an unusual project that caught our attention here at Home to Roost — portraits of pet chickens! We think the results are quite impressive, presenting these birds as little works of art and capturing their unique personalities. Liz is offering an end-of-year special: She will create pet portraits for $100 during the month of January! If you have ever wanted to immortalize your pet in a special portrait, now is the time.

The Electrifying Chicken Art of Heid in My World

Digital artist Heide Royer calls her unusual chicken portraits “kinetic art.” Others might call them stunning, arresting, choose your adjective: there is no question, her chicks demand attention. Heide also creates portraits of dogs and other animals, and accepts commissions from pet owners. View her work at

“Laid in the USA” by Mercedese Bantz

On the lighter side, Mercedese Bantz is an artist who creates incredibly fun paintings and sculptures, not only of chickens. But I am definitely biased in favor of her imaginative and fun birds! Mercedese will consider custom order requests. I asked her to paint a picture of the chickens I had as a kid, and I absolutely love the result!