After Auto Accident, Brooke Ann Bestwina Returns to The Feed Store

It’s great to see Brooke behind the counter of The Feed Store once again!

Many of you know Brooke Ann Bestwina, co-owner of The Feed Store in Summit, IL. We are glad to hear she is back and working at the store once again! Brooke was in an auto/scooter accident several months ago. After spending time in the hospital, undergoing surgery and physical therapy, Brooke is very happy to be back.

I recently talked with her, and she sounded very upbeat and positive. “I am doing much, much better. I can walk without crutches, and my ankle doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ve been back about a month. Which is good, because I was going crazy at home–how much can you clean house and watch Netflix? I need to be out of the house and doing things. I was on crutches, but now the crutches are going away.”

We here at Home to Roost wish Brooke all the best as she continues to heal and get better!


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