Sign-On to Oppose the Chicago Livestock Ordinance!

Chicago Livestock Action Alert (2)

A committee for the Chicago City Council has drafted an ordinance that would make it very expensive and difficult to raise a small flock of chickens, ducks, or other animals in your yard. There is no need to change Chicago’s current laws about flocks and livestock.

I’ve helped numerous families with small flocks of chickens, installed a chicken-keeping program in the Cook County Jail, and worked with other projects for schools, day cares, and affordable-housing programs. I also use my animals multiple times a year for educational purposes because the current laws are fair and make sense. We do not need to change our current legislation. 

Please take a minute to sign on to this statement and let the city council know that we don’t need to change the poultry laws in the city.

English: Sign-On to Oppose the Chicago Livestock Ordinance! →

español: Regístrese para oponerse a la Ordenanza de Ganado de Chicago →


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