Archive for March 7th, 2018

All in a day’s work

Today’s chicken consulting duties involved advising a new chicken momma on keeping her babies warm – but not too warm!

I also went to see a client whose bird had a respiratory infection, and we discussed options for her chicken, who also has an issue with her leg. I’m also working on finding a home for the other chicken, who’ll be alone when her sister is gone. The owner does not plan on getting more chickens.

My last call for the day was an emergency visit for torticollis, or wry neck. I think the bird will be just fine with some vitamins and TLC!

Silkie looking for home

Hi, everyone! I have a chicken client in Oak Park who has two silkie hens. One has a respiratory infection and a broken or possibly dislocated leg. My client is likely going to put down the sick/injured one, and she’d like to rehome the other one.
She has taken the one with the respiratory infection to Niles Animal Hospital and the bird is on antibiotics.
Would anyone be interested in adopting a silkie hen? Or, even better, rehabbing her sister, too?
If you’d be interested in them, contact Katie at 773 two six three 7639.