Happy New Year from Home to Roost! (and a note on rates)

Happy 2017, the year of the rooster! This will be Home to Roost’s eighth year in operation (ninth, if you count 2008, when I first put my business cards together and had my first client).

I enjoy every minute of caring for the chickens of Chicagoland, as well as developing chicken-keeping programs and providing educational opportunities for kids, adults, and seniors. Thank you for your trust in me and your willingness to welcome me into your homes (and coops).

My business manager and office staff are long overdue for a raise, however, and they’ve been threatening to walk out. In order to appease them*, Home to Roost’s hourly consulting rates will increase in 2017. (*This is, of course, tongue in cheek; there’s nobody here but us chickens… I mean, me.)

  • Non-emergency house call: $68/hour (1-hr minimum, billed in 1/4 hr increments thereafter). Mileage fee may apply.
  • Emergency house call: $80  (1-hr minimum, billed in 1/4 hr increments thereafter). Mileage fee may apply.
  • Phone consultation: $25 for 20 minutes
  • Classes/presentations/misc.: Call for pricing.

If you find that these rates will be a financial hardship, please let me know. We can try to find a mutually agreeable solution.

Thanks for making Home to Roost a successful microbusiness over the last 8 years. Enjoy some pictures from the last eight years below!


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