Home to Roost at Grace Lutheran School, River Forest

Home to Roost enjoys the opportunity to introduce kids to chickens for the first time! The kids are usually SO excited to be able to pet a chicken.

The 3-5 year olds at Grace Lutheran School in River Forest were no exception! They filed in very quietly, reminding each other in stage whispers that they needed to be very, very quiet so as not to scare the chicken. It must have taken every ounce of energy they had to contain themselves so well.

We talked a little about chickens, eggs, hens, and roosters. Everyone got a chance to touch the bird and work on some chicken-related crafts.

Kudos to Mrs. Koetke and the other teachers for having such a well-behaved group of kids! It was such a rewarding opportunity. Even more rewarding were some of the little ones’ thank-yous. Children’s art is priceless!

Here are some pix from my morning at Grace.

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