Home to Roost Spring Events

Urban Livestock Expo (for people interested in urban farming): http://auachicago.org/upcoming-events/
A overview of issues that urban keepers of various livestock (bees, chickens, goats, rabbits) face, followed by break-out discussions.
Backyard Basic Chicken Care class with Angelic Organics Learning Center: http://www.learngrowconnect.org/event/basic-backyard-chicken-care-3
The Cadillac of chicken-keeping classes!
A intensive class on building your own chicken coop.
Family Farmed’s Good Food Festival  (classes TBD): http://goodfoodfestivals.com/
Mini-sessions on chicken keeping, including basics, health, and coops
Chicago Botanic Garden, Basic Chicken Keeping and Coop Building classes: go to http://www.chicagobotanic.org/education/adulted and search on “chickens”
Classes on chickens on the North Shore
Oak Park Conservatory: chicken keeping class: http://www.pdop.org/parks-facilities/oak-park-conservatory/
Oak Park Conservatory: chicken health class: http://www.pdop.org/parks-facilities/oak-park-conservatory/
Class on keeping your birds healthy, as well as advice on what to do in various scenarios.
I’ll also be offering a chicken health class in July with Angelic Organics Learning Center; date is TBD. 

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