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Chicken Hitch-Hiker!

One day Zag the chicken decides to roost in an odd place, and, like Mary’s little lamb… makes it to school! Then it becomes a habit. Read more here. 


Aurora, CO*, approves chickens!

Congrats to Aurora, Colorado*, for moving forward with a chicken-keeping ordinance!

Aurora City Council voted 6 to 4 in approval of the measure.  Ward IV Councilwoman Molly Markert and Ward V Council Member Bob Roth voted against it, citing their wards’ opposition to backyard chickens, along with At-Large Councilman Pierce and Ward VI Councilman Bob Broom. – See more at:

*We had initially reported this as Aurora, Illinois. However, this is Aurora, Colorado – no less deserving of congratulations!


LAST CHANCE for Backyard Basic Chicken Keeping, 3-1-2014

TODAY is the last day to register for this in depth class on urban chicken keeping. This class not will be offered again until November.

Sat, 03/01/2014 – 10:00am to 1:00pm
Belli’s Local Foods:
1219 W 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608

Farm fresh eggs from your own back yard? YES!

Please join us for our comprehensive workshop on best practices for Basic Backyard Chicken Care in Chicago and surrounding communities.

Raising chickens as pets and for eggs is LEGAL in Chicago – and part of our growing local food and urban agriculture scene. Learn everything from daily needs and year-round care to relevant city regulations to keep your chickens well –and you & your neighbors happy…

You will leave the workshop with the knowledge, recommendations, and resources you need for your own home flock – and you’ll make connections with other chicken enthusiasts in Chicago.

Register here!

Home to Roost Spring Events

Urban Livestock Expo (for people interested in urban farming):
A overview of issues that urban keepers of various livestock (bees, chickens, goats, rabbits) face, followed by break-out discussions.
Backyard Basic Chicken Care class with Angelic Organics Learning Center:
The Cadillac of chicken-keeping classes!
A intensive class on building your own chicken coop.
Family Farmed’s Good Food Festival  (classes TBD):
Mini-sessions on chicken keeping, including basics, health, and coops
Chicago Botanic Garden, Basic Chicken Keeping and Coop Building classes: go to and search on “chickens”
Classes on chickens on the North Shore
Oak Park Conservatory: chicken keeping class:
Oak Park Conservatory: chicken health class:
Class on keeping your birds healthy, as well as advice on what to do in various scenarios.
I’ll also be offering a chicken health class in July with Angelic Organics Learning Center; date is TBD. 

New Chicks at Belmont Feed and Seed Week of 2-10-2014

Belmont Feed and Seed expects the first order of chicks coming in the week of February 10.

This includes the following breeds:
– Red Stars (Isa Browns)
– Amber Sex Link
– Rhode Island Red
– Buff Orpinton
– Black Australorp
– Barred Rock (Plymouth Rock)
– Silver Laced Wyandotte
– Golden Laced Wyandotte
– Araucana / Ameraucana