Fall 2013 Classes

Home to Roost will be leading the following classes:

October 19, 2013: Poultry Palooza at the Chicago Botanic Garden!

Join urban chicken consultant Jennifer Murtoff for two workshops on how to successfully raise and enjoy chickens in your backyard! Register for both sessions at once and receive a 10 percent discount.

Raising Backyard Chickens
This class is designed for curious people who are considering raising backyard chickens, as well as for those who already have their own birds and who want to learn more! Come learn about local laws, how to raise chicks, care for adult birds, and keep your neighbors happy!

Raising Healthy Chickens
Are you interested in knowing how to care for your birds in an emergency situation? Better yet, what IS an emergency for a chicken? Come learn the signs of a sick bird, what to do to help her, and where to seek care if the situation is beyond your ability.

To register for these classes, go to the Botanic Garden’s website and search on “chickens.”

November 9, 2013: Basic Backyard Chicken Care

Back for another season, Angelic Organics Learning Center is hosting another chicken-keeping class with Home to Roost. For more information, see the page on the Angelic Organics Learning Center’s website.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events!

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