Egg Within an Egg?

A video link showing a man cracking open an egg, only to find another egg inside has been floating around the internet. It has been the subject of much virtual debate: Is the video a hoax, or is this a possible occurrence?

This is a possible occurrence. The same chain of events that causes internal laying, (that is, a fully shelled egg works its way UP the oviduct, rather than down and out) causes a shelled egg to re-enter the shell gland and receive a second shell. This super-sized egg is then passed out of the body.

For more on this, check out this video.


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  1. Posted by Rick Greub on February 2, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    one day I went into the coop to find the rooster all bloody on the back of his neck. The hens pecked the rooster. Blood was all over the place. Why?


    • That’s a very good question. There can be multiple causes. Was the rooster new to the flock? Younger than the hens? Previously injured? Was the coop overcrowded? What was their diet like? A number of things can possibly lead to this behavior; it depends on your situation and the flock.


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