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Organic, Pastured Eggs in Chicagoland

A lot of folks ask me “Where can I buy local eggs?” It’s not legal to sell backyard eggs in the city (you can give a donation or own the chickens). However, John Emrich of Backyard Chicken Run recently mentioned Barrington Natural Farms to me!

Barrington Natural Farms is sustainable “pasture” farm providing our Chicago-area customers with locally grown, organically-raised grass-fed beef, raw milk, pasture-raised chicken and pork, and free-range eggs.

Growing the highest quality food possible is our goal. We believe that good food is nutritious and delicious. We believe the way to raise livestock is to provide an environment that mimics nature and is integrated with our natural environment.  This means they are raised outdoors on fresh pasture for the majority of their lives, with the pigs and chickens organic pasture forage supplemented with organic, non-GMO feeds.