Yes, We’re Still Here! Catching Up!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to blog, so there is much to catch up on! Here is a brief synopsis:

  • I went to Hackney City Farm in London in June. I’ll have some fun pictures and videos from that experience!
  • I’m booked for a number of events this fall! Watch the blog for more info.
  • A few housecalls this summer yielded hens with prolapsed oviducts, internal laying, and… well… hens that weren’t hens.
  • I found a lovely chicken pillow made with recycled sweater fabric and a lovely screen-printed chicken note card at Binth in River Forest, IL.
  • I’m caring for a dehydrated quail named Tweedledum. His brother Tweedledee has been relocated to a flock with lots of ladies!
  • I bought a (new-to-me) car!

Here I am at Hackney City Farm in London, pestering the chickens!

Stay tuned; there are plenty of things I’m hoping to post soon.

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