Fake Chicken: The Wings of the Future?

Ethan Brown makes chicken. Not chicken dishes. Chicken meat. From soy.

This country goes through a lot of chickens: We raise and kill nearly eight billion a year — about 40 percent of our meat
consumption, compared with roughly 30 percent beef and 25 percent pork. Chickens are grown so quickly that The Veterinary Record has said that most have bone disease, and many live in chronic pain. (The University of Arkansas reports that if humans grew as fast as chickens, we’d weigh 349 pounds by our second birthday.)

So are McNuggets really all chicken? Debatable. The USDA allows meat to be supplemented by soy protein. How about a soy-based product that imitates the look and feel of chicken? Check out this article and the accompanying video about Ethan’s chicken-making endeavors.

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