Northbrook, IL, Shoots Down Chickens

In a disappointing 5-2 vote last night, the Village of Northbrook, IL, razed hopes for backyard chicken keepers. Attendees felt the trustees had made their decisions prior to the meeting, rather than entertaining the evidence presented.

This, of course, overshadows the Cubs 7-4 loss over the Brewers.


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  1. Posted by Tamara on April 11, 2012 at 7:52 am

    One only has to pay a visit to Northbrook Court to understand this one. Earthy, kinfolk types they’re not.


  2. A friend of mine has a neighbor who had chickens and she and her husband preferred chickens to a lot of other pets/animals to live next to. Her husband said as much when the Northbrook Star interviewed him months ago.


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