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Niche Biz: Chicken Sitting!

I posted before about chicken sitting, and here I am again! Easy Acres Chicken Sitting in Los Angeles, owned by master gardener Anna Goeser, will watch your birds while you’re out of town! For more on chicken sitting, see my posts:

The Urban Chicken Consultant Recommends: Chicken Sitting: This post outlines the requirements and duties of a chicken sitter.

The Urban Chicken Consultant Suggests: Chicken Sitting: This post outlines the need for chicken sitters.

The Pico-Farm: Rain Barrel, Green Roof, and Coop

A cute three-in-one, eco-friendly coop, the “Pico-Farm” by Southern-Fried Scientist is a chicken coop with a rain barrel to collect water that is used to grow lettuce on the roof. Check out this fun coop! If you’re building a coop, note this important observation: “I originally installed chicken wire, but discovered that foxes and raccoons can shred chicken wire like string cheese, so pulled it all out and replaced it with 1/2 inch hardware cloth.”

Chicken Variance Shot Down in Arlington Heights

I assisted would-be chicken owner Matt Scallon in an unsuccessful petition of the Arlington Heights Village Trustees for a variance to allow him to own chickens. A Trib Local reporter covered the story here. The Tribune’s story is here. 

Chickens Approved in Elgin

The city of Elgin, IL, just approved chickens!

Todd Martin made the proposal, and here is his report:

“At tonight’s City of Elgin’s Sustainability Commission meeting, my proposal to allow backyard chickens has been approved. The next step is to meet with Elgin’s planning department for crafting the ordinance, then the Planning Commission, then the City Council. Lots of steps and community involvement along the way. If you have any questions, look at West Dundee’s licensing program; we will be modeling ours on theirs.”

Wheaton Zoo Spies Hawks, Moves Ducks

Cosley Zoo in Wheaton, IL, has some Cooper’s hawks eyeing their flock of ducks. Cooper’s hawks will also prey on chickens. For more information on measures taken to protect the waterbirds, read more here.

Cooper's hawk on a fresh kill


Home to Roost Mentioned in Chicago Life Magazine

Home to Roost will be teaching a chicken-keeping class at the Chicago Botanic Garden this spring and was mentioned in Chicago Life magazine as part of a more utilitarian trend in use of backyard space.

Something to Crow About: Home to Roost 2012 Spring Events

Here is the current Home to Roost schedule! I’ll post more details as they become available.

Home to Roost as keynote speaker at Openfields Conference in Rockford


Home to Roost leads Backyard Chicken Basics class


Chicken-keeping class at Green Home Experts, Oak Park


Home to Roost at Green Metropolis with Backyard Chicken Run supply delivery service

Home to Roost at Oak Park’s Earthfest


Home to Roost teaches chicken-keeping class at Chicago Botanic Garden

If you’re interested in having a chicken consultant speak at your event, give us a call!