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Oct. 1: Chicken-Keeping Class at Chicago Green Tech U

Home to Roost will be tag-team teaching a chicken-keeping class at Green Tech U with Chicago chicken owner Kristen DeLap!

TITLE: Backyard Chickens
DATE: 10/1/2011
TIME: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
SPEAKER: Jennifer Murtoff and Kristen DeLap

Want to know what to do with backyard chickens during Chicago winters? What to feed them? Where to get them? Come get your questions answered about raising micro-flocks of chickens within Chicago city limits.

Advance registration is required for all Green Tech U seminars. You may register by calling (312) 746-9642, or send an email with your desired class and contact information to with “Green Tech U” as the
subject line.

Download info on all Green Tech U classes on this page.


The Buzz from the Atlantic Cities Article

A few more articles spawned by Atlantic Cities’ coverage:

The Chicken Whisperer in Canadian news service CBC Alt News column, covered by George Stroumboulopoulus. Spectacular last name, by the way!

Urban chicken consultant will help you realize your homesteading dreams in Grist, covered by Christopher Mims.