The Urban Chicken Consultant Recommends Enslaved by Ducks

So what’s life like living with animals? Not just dogs and cats, but turkeys, ducks, rabbits, and exotic birds?

Check out Enslaved by Ducks by Bob Tarte for the answer!

This book, written by a freelancer whose wife loves animals, contains witty, clever, and poignant stories/anecdotes about animal husbandry. A cute little bunny leads them to owning a veritable menagerie of fowl and other life forms, including ducks, budgies, doves, African greys, rabbits, and other assorted oddities.

It reminds me of my experiences as a kid! Lots of anthropomorphizing – and great fun!

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning my book! There’s a sequel called “Fowl Weather” with lots more about our ducks, geese, and chickens. “The Funnel of Happiness,” my new book about our six cats, will hit the shelves in March 2012. – Bob Tarte


    • Happy to do it, Bob!
      It’s hilarious, and reminds me of growing up in south central PA with a veritable menagerie, each species with its own peculiarities!—chickens, ducks, rabbits, geese, quail, goats, sheep, steers, dog, cats, golden pheasants, peafowl, a pigeon, finches, the occasional orphaned parakeet… plus all the wild critters outside. (-:
      I’ll have to look up your other books!


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