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Eggzy Tracks Backyard Egg Production

A new website, Eggzy, is available for US chicken owners to track egg production. Can we take a bite out of the battery cage operations? This site wants to track that progress.

Chicken owners can track and log stats, including the number of chickens they have, dozens of eggs they have produced, and their location.

Caveat emptor: It is the internet after all, so data could be skewed. But it looks like a fun site!

4/20/2011 – New chicks at Belmont Feed and Seed

New Chicks at Belmont Feed and Seed

New chicks & ducklings coming in today. We are receiving: Araucanas,
Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, Isa Browns (Red Stars), Rhode Island
Reds,Silver Laced Wyandottes Light Brahmas & Silkie Bantams along with
some Pekin ducklings.

3036 W Belmont Ave
(between Albany Ave & Whipple St)
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 588-1144