Knife-Wielding Rooster Kills Man in California

Rooster with steel spurs

All right, so you’re at an illegal cockfight, and a rooster comes after you (probably because he’s sick of this whole cruel dog-and-pony show). He slices your calf with a knife, and you don’t get to the ER on time. You die.

Darwin award for 1) illegal activity 2) cruelty to animals and 3) being killed by a chicken.

Check out the coverage here: Tulare County man dies after being cut by knife attached to cockfighting rooster’s leg

Smart rooster. Maybe the rest of the ones involved in this nasty “sport” should take some lessons from him!

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  1. Posted by Jason Phillip on February 14, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    I love this story.

    Rise up, brave fighting cocks! Overthrow your cruel masters with the very gladiatorial weapons they provide you. I AM SPARTACUS!

    Also reminded me of this recent news story:,19029/


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