Home to Roost in Mindful Metropolis

Mindful Metropolis wrote a great article on the Chicago urban chicken movement. Check out the thoughtful coverage here or here, page 24 (for pictures!).

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  1. Posted by Joanne Kantrowitz on November 23, 2010 at 3:00 am

    Wow! I watched Chicago Tonight and then found this blog to send to my friend in Florida who has acquired a pair of chickens this year and sends me accounts of their antics. I just wrote her today, relaying my story of teaching Chaucer’s marvelous chicken tale of Chaunticleer and Pertelote, and suddenly realizing I was the only one laughing. I stopped: asked the class how many had seen flocks of chickens. No one! (and this was in Ohio, too) So they couldn’t get the jokes without my explaining how chickens behaved. So keep it up: you’re reviving Great Literature at the same time: 🙂
    I lived in a retirement apartment now. Wish I had a back yard and a chicken coop!


    • Thanks, Joanne!
      Glad you found me! Yes, it’s really sad how many kids have no idea what a chicken looks like where food comes from. We need to get back in touch with agriculture as a nation. Thanks for making that possible – through literature!


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