Earth Fest 2010!

Seamus, Emily, chickens, and I had a great day at Earth Fest!

Showing the buff Orpington to a little guy!

Exciting Conversations

I spoke to a number of folks who are interested in getting chickens, exhausted my stack of rate sheets, and allowed a lot of really cute kids to pet a chicken for the first time!

It’s very exciting to see this many people excited about chickens (and I realize as I look at the pictures how excited I am about chickens!)!

I'm not having any fun at all!

I answered question about housing, square footage per bird, chickens and other pets, anatomy, eggs, composting, emergency care, breeds and cold hardiness, coop design, etc.

My favorite question is

Q: Do you eat chicken?

A: Only chickens I don’t know!

My Lovely Assistant

Emily was a wonderful PR rep, despite having just come from ballet, graciously fielding questions about her chickens and carting them from one end of the table to the other!

Emily with Joe Schmoe, the buff Orpington hen

RootRiot Community Garden

Seamus spoke with quite a number of folks about his RootRiot Community Gardens in Austin. The proposed site is between Race and Lake on Waller. Some Austin folks will be meeting in late April/early May to discuss the project. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can find Seamus at and

Seamus discusses his community garden plans.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and asked lots of good questions!

Q: Are chickens permitted in Forest Park?

A: No, per the Forest Park Village code: 5-1-2: PROHIBITED ANIMALS: No person shall keep or allow to be kept anywhere within the village any cattle, horses, swine, sheep, goats, ducks, geese, chickens or any other poultry except birds or pigeons used for exhibition or sporting purposes. (Ord. O-48-01, 11-19-2001)

Q: Is there an egg co-op in the city? Someone is interested in purchasing egg-cess eggs.

A: The Wettsteins bring fresh eggs to the Oak Park Farmers Market. They are right across from the Genesis Growers stand.

One more for my loyal readers:

  • Does anyone in the city have ducks? A few people are interested in ducks!

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