Successful Chicken Event at Cheney Mansion on 4/11!

Home to Roost had a great time yesterday at Cheney Mansion in Oak Park! Oak Park chicken owner Emily Wilkes and her two hens, Joe Schmoe and Dinosaur, joined us. They were housed in my grandfather’s antique chicken crate. I brought along sign-up sheets and books with coop designs and information on chicken-raising and breeds. Also on display were several books and calendars by my favorite chicken photographer, Stephen Green-Armytage.

My display

Home to Roost was in the solarium at Cheney Mansion. I brought along sign-up sheets and books with coop designs and information on chicken-raising and breeds. My favorite chicken photographer is Stephen Green-Armytage, and I brought along some of his books and calendars.

Drawing a Crowd – and Lots of Questions!

The chickens were a big hit, and the event was non-stop from 1 PM to 4 PM. People had various questions:

Can a hen lay eggs without a rooster? (Yes, they just will not be fertilized eggs.)

Can you eat a fertilized egg? (Yes. If the hen does not start to incubate the egg, cell division will not occur.)

Can chickens fly? (Yes – kind of. They are not very good fliers!)

What do you think about this coop design?

Margot and I discussed her garage coop plans.

Do you have chickens? (Unfortunately, no – I only have parakeets and an orphaned cockatiel in my apartment.)

Can you have chickens in an apartment? (No. Their poop has too much ammonia and is very smelly in enclosed spaces.)

Well-Behaved Hens
Emily’s chickens were well behaved and did well being handled by kids and adults alike.

A family checks out Emily's buff Orpington!

I gave a brief chicken anatomy lesson for the kids, too.  We met Beatrice and her mom, who were thinking about getting chickens.

Beatrice had a seat and held a hen on her lap. When one chicken jumped up on the table, it scared her a bit, but she asked to hold the hen again!

Beatrice did very well holding Emily's hens!

The Cluck-Like-a-Chicken Contest

Patricia won the cluck-like-a-chicken contest with her loud and animated clucking!

Since I was the resident chicken expert in the house, I was called upon to judge the Cluck-like-a-Chicken Contest. People of all ages lined up to present their best chicken communication. The winner was Patricia, who animatedly clucked and flapped her wings.

The close runner-up winner was Liam, who had very nice tone quality. His mother (of Green Home Experts) informed me that each family member has his or her own cluck, so Liam gets a lot of practice. The prizes were organic eggs!
Raffle Drawing
At the end of the day, we mixed up the raffle tickets (which were in my spare chicken purse!).

And the winner is... Emily selects a winner from the chicken purse!

Emily drew a winner’s name from the purse. This person will receive one free service from Home to Roost.

A Great Day!

Emily, her hens, and I had a great day at Cheney’s Green Sunday! The event organizers enjoyed having us as well, and people enjoyed learning more about chickens!

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  1. Posted by Catherine Wallace on April 12, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    I live in an apartment too, or Jen’s capable witty skill with birds would undoubtedly convince me that I too can give chickens a try. I love the idea that birds are related to dinosaurs: I can only imagine how thrilled my boys would have been when they were in that dinosaur phase boys go through. Peace, Cate


  2. This is great Jen!!!


  3. Actually, if you keep the coop cleaned out, having a few chickens inside an apartment will work just fine. This is actually something I encourage!


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