AUA Urban Livestock Expo Feb 3

UPDATE: I’ve updated the link and location below. 

Join urban livestock aficionados for this exciting event on Feb 3, 2018!

Learn more about keeping chickens, ducks, quail, goats, and bees; and connect with seasoned urban ag people as well as those who are interested in urban ag.

The event is held at the Southside Occupational Academy.  I’ll be staffing a table and doing short presentations. I’ll be able to field questions. You can learn more here and log the topics you’d like to learn more about here.

MOSES Organic Farming Conference, Feb. 22-24

The Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service is hosting an organic farming conference Feb. 22-24, 2018, in La Crosse, WI. Register by Jan. 16. to save $95. For more information, check out the MOSES site.

The MOSES Conference is the largest event in the U.S. about organic and sustainable farming, offering 66 workshops over 6 sessions, inspiring keynotes, engaging roundtables, and a resource-packed Exhibit Hall with over 170 vendors. The event is preceded by Organic University full-day courses that dig deeper into specific farming topics.

What do you want to hear about at the Urban Livestock Expo on Feb. 3?

The annual Advocates for Urban Agriculture Livestock Expo is almost here! Join us on Feb. 3 from 11 to 2. Check out my survey on the Livestock Expo Facebook page!

You can also fill out the poll below. 

Frog the Rooster Greets His Human

In case you haven’t seen it yet, this is the sweetest thing. Frog the rooster runs to greet Savannah, his owner when she comes home from school.

This reminds me of my favorite hen, a sweet cochin bantam named Blackie.

Gorgeous Chicken Quilt

I found this lovely chicken quilt online today! It’s stunning. If anyone wants to get me a birthday gift, this would be a good one! Of course, at this price, you’d have to like me a lot!

A Country Journal (The Chicken Quilt)


Villa Park, IL, approves chicken pilot program

Good news from Villa Park. The community development committee has approved a pilot program for chicken keeping!

However, the program itself has yet to be developed and put in place. From the Villa Park Backyard Chickens Facebook page:

After a lengthy conversation with the Villa Park community development committee on December 14, it was decided to create a pilot program for backyard chickens in Villa Park.

We have not created this program yet and the program will need to be approved. Because of the holiday and travel, the process has been put on hold. I personally hope we can get it in place for the 2018 spring season, as that’s when chicks are available.

Chicken Tuesdays is online!

Check out this indie film starring chickens, as well as Tim Norris, Chicago chicken keeper, as Sasquatch! Tim and I provided expert chicken wrangling for the film crew and actors. The cast of thousands is made up of members of the Chicago chicken keeping community! It was a day full of chicken-related fun!