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Pet Shaming – Now for Chickens

It’s not just for dogs and cats anymore.

Check out this cute collection of pix.

Bartlett Considers Chickens

The latest in the Chicagoland communities to consider backyard poultry! For more, click here.

Michigan Overturns Right to Farm Act

Michigan removed the protection of the Right to Farm Act, which had prevented banning of small-scale livestock in urban and suburban areas. For more information, check out this article. 

The ruling will allow local governments to arbitrarily ban goats, chickens and beehives on any property where there are 13 homes within one eighth mile or a residence within 250 feet of the property, according to Michigan Public Radio.

A man and his chicken: Frenchman and Spanish hen travel the world

I love this funny, quirky, crazy story about a guy and his chicken! Much better than being stranded on an island with a volleyball!

Chickens: Solution to Poverty

Bill Gates believes that chickens are a viable solution to poverty. I’d tend to agree with him! Perhaps he needs a multilingual, well-traveled chicken consultant?

Read Gates’s original blog post here.

Chicken on a Roomba? Yes, it’s a thing.

Apparently chickens enjoying riding on Roombas – or at least this one did!

Pix from the Chicken Tuesdays movie shoot

A few months ago, I provided chicken wrangling for an indie file called Chicken Tuesdays! Chicken owner Tim Norris and I taught the actors how to hold the birds, kept them happy and well fed, and positioned them on set for shooting.

Thanks to writer/director Brandon Daley, producer Ben Gojer, and the actors and personnel in these pics (Wyatt Fair, Breanne Ward, Brian Knall, Dan Daley, Spencer Parsons, Drew Angle).

It was a fun – and crazy – day!